The fascinating world of dinosaurs comes alive…at Fashion City Outlet!

Fashion City Outlet invites all the little dino-lovers on a unique journey into the fascinating history of dinosaurs, millions of years back in the past! Discover giant, life-sized dinosaurs with impressive colors, textures, sounds, and movements, and navigate through huge exhibits, plants, and rocks. Admire the famous and imposing Tyrannosaurus Rex, observe a Triceratops, and come face-to-face with an imposing Pterosaur!

Kids, young and old, have always loved dinosaurs – and they still adore them at any age! Whether they are drawn to studying their peculiarities or dream of traveling back in time to admire the most famous giant creatures, this is the perfect opportunity for little paleontologists to explore the prehistoric exhibits, play, and learn all about their history! A unique educational and fun experience, the dinosaur exhibition at Fashion City Outlet is a fantastic adventure – full of mystery, surprise, and a sense of awe that will leave no one unmoved!

Don’t miss the incredible trip to the age of dinosaurs at Fashion City Outlet! Exhibition duration 5/10/2022 until 29/10/2022.

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