Mini Stores where you can find everything you need.
The taste and the nutritional value of our products are the result of our philosophy that starts with long-term research from our own R & D department and continues with quality raw ingredients and our established recipes. Our philosophy is also reflected in the constantly new & innovative products (bufflecone) that immediately become talk of the town!

Our diversity is supported by the Bufala Gelato brand.
A world full of delicious hot-dogs & wings is waiting for you!
At Goody’s Burger House, we have created a new experience for burger lovers.
So, come by if you are up for some juicy burgers served in a cozy environment!

Hachiko – Sushi Tales & Cocktails Sushi and Cocktail Bar

Pasteria, salads, bruschettas, omelletes,starters… Yummy!
Our goal is to wake up the world with our coffee and ideas and become your daily companion for shopping in the new shopping center of our hometown, Fashion City Outlet.
“Join the Coffee Community”
A pizza world is here! Enjoy it!
Time for delicious food!
Come and enjoy awesome flavours!