Christmas kids’ activities at Fashion City Outlet!

Christmas has arrived at Fashion City Outlet, bringing amazing Christmas activities for our little friends! With Santa’s loud laughter and his bell ringing, his mischievous helpers, the elves, are eagerly waiting to welcome visitors. Two stories from the magical world of Christmas arrive at Fashion City Outlet and become part of a wonderful, festive, fun atmosphere!

North Pole Biscuit Factory

In the North Pole Biscuit Factory a jolly elf, Elwood, is baking the most delicious Santa Claus cookies. His guests and helpers are the children. The kids who visit the cookie shop are kneading real cinnamon cookie dough with the help of an animator/elf.

North Pole Fairytale House

A house from Santa’s village at the North Pole is suddenly appearing this holiday season at Thessaly’s favorite fashion destination, the home of storyteller Matthew Bible. A genuine example of elven architecture, with fairy tale influences, enchants visitors. Matthew Bibble’s house, as green as a fir tree, is the place where the famous storyteller writes his stories, but also the favorite spot of Santa Claus, who often stops by to meet Matthew and remember their adventures from past Christmas times. There, the little friends of Fashion City Outlet will have the opportunity to meet their much-loved elf storyteller and listen to some of his incredible stories! It features an animator – an elf

Two unique theatrical performances will follow the above two incredible Christmas activities!

The Christmas Laundry

A few days before Santa begins his long journey to every corner of the world to distribute Christmas presents to everyone, Oberon the arch-elf discovers a huge stain on Santa’s brand-new outfit. Fortunately, Loulakis Lampikos, who is primarily responsible for washing and drying all the uniforms worn by the scandalous inhabitants of Asterocosmos, will resolve the issue and remove this annoying stain. This will be the most important laundry of Christmas, and nothing can go wrong…. At least that’s what Loulakis thinks.

Duration: 45 minutes

Two animators – actors participate

The Magic of Christmas

Mischievous Elwood, the elf behind every Christmas treat, has just woken up. The day before, he kneaded and baked the juiciest honey macaroni and the fluffiest kourabiedes. Normally he should feel very proud of his achievement, but last night he was naughty. After he drank his milk, he fell asleep. He jumped out of his bed so hungry! He put on his pointy slippers, opened the fridge, grabbed the first thing that he found in front of him, and ate it. It looked like candy to him.

With great wonder, he went to the fridge in the morning to see what kind of candy he ate the night before… He took the box and read Yeast! “Ouch!” he thought. “What a blunder! I ate all the yeast!’ And now, how am I going to tell Oberon?’

Duration: 45 minutes

Two animators – actors participate

Santa Claus with his impressive outfit, and his loud and lovely laugh, will be at Fashion City Outlet for 2 days, in the sweets workshop to spread joy to all the little visitors. The beloved Saint with his characteristic laugh and his bell is waiting for you to take pictures and wish you a Merry Christmas!

Find the detailed Christmas activities program below: